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A Year At The Wheel

The people Shane and Amy Bugbee encountered all across America, every manner of character from every walk of life, were thoughtful and thinking, and they had a lot to say - much of it might be surprising.

The footage contained in this collection is all of the raw footage from the entire project. These are the raw interviews as well as road footage of the couple with their dog Cheyenne and their turtle Myrtle, along with interviews and observations from their unique interview subjects, it also reflects their daily life and struggle and the geography of America.

Interview subjects included underground icons and artists to Christian ministers and Satanic strippers, retired teachers, artists, librarians, disgraced soldiers, and everything in between.

This was not a slick production, and there were no corporate sponsors. The trip was financed with odd jobs and sparse donations, it was done on a painful shoestring which meant sleeping in their car and menial labor. They began their journey with $180 in their pockets, no grants, and not a single credit card.

All of the footage in this collection was made from a little before November 4, 2007 until a little after November 4, 2008 - Election Day. It was captured by Shane and Amy Bugbee on a year long journey of truth seeking and discovery. They embarked on this life changing journey, for more than their own benefit, it was for the people of the world.

They wanted people to see the forgotten zip-codes and the whole of the American people usually ignored by the media and how they felt about the State of The Nation. It turned out, the "Average American" was not like the hated politicians, or the unscrupulous corporate kings, they were not the shallow celebrities on TV, and they were not the buffoonish citizens who tended to make the news.

Also in this collection, are the full length experimental FILM they made and the 500+ page BOOK they published in 2013.

Non-commercial use of this material is welcome, with credit given to Shane & Amy Bugbee. For commercial use please contact

“A bittersweet slice of countercultural anthropology, in the tradition of Studs Terkel, bursting with flavor to savor.” ~Paul Krassner, author of ‘Confessions of a Raving, Unconfined Nut’

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A Year at the Wheel 158
the bugbees 4
James Michalopoulos 3
amy bugbee 3
mardi gras 3
old new orleans rum 3
Adam Curry 2
Aleister Crowley 2
Andre Hensley 2
Andrew Benally 2
Annette LaRue 2
Averse Sefira 2
Bishop Tau Marie 2
Bob Madigan 2
Bruce Sinofsky 2
Craig Newmark 2
Creation Museum 2
Dave Archer 2
Dennis Banks 2
Derrick Perkins 2
Devil Worship 2
Dingler 2
Dr. David Menton 2
Edwin Kagin 2
Gene Hoglan 2
Grant Mitchell 2
Halliburton 2
Heather Veitch 2
Helen Kagin 2
Ian MacKaye 2
James Frye 2
Jason Hughes 2
Jeff Becerra 2
Jeff Gaither 2
Joe Berlinger 2
Joe Hiles 2
Joel Peter Witkin 2
John G. Peeler 2
John Sinclair 2
Kernis Louviere 2
Long Beach Peninsula 2
Mara Leveritt 2
Maria Roddy 2
Marie Tharp 2
Mark Byers 2
Mark Looy 2
Martin Atkins 2
Michale Graves 2
Mike Diana 2
Mike I 2
Mykee Ramen 2
Nathan Brinlee 2
Pat Jolly 2
Pedro Ruiz 2
Powell Hamlin 2
Re 2
Rhi Denissen 2
Rodrigo Neely 2
Roswell Artist-in-Residence program 2
Ryen McPherson 2
Scott Horton 2
Shane Ryan 2
Sid Yiddish 2
Stephen Fleming 2
Steve What Style 2
Steven Johnson Leyba 2
Surprise Valley Ranch 2
Szandora LaVey 2
Tammy Lanham 2
The Longest Walk 2
Tim Edwards 2
Timothy Wyllie 2
Tommy Lanham 2
Ugly Shyla 2
WM3 2
William H. McNeill 2
Williams 2
Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute 2
a year at the wheel 2
anti war radio 2
bugbee 2
burlesque 2
capitalism 2
cheyenne 2
dew drop inn 2
ely minnesota 2
ely mn 2
free speech 2
freedom 2
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john sinclair 2
long beach washington 2
lubbock 2
mike diana 2
minnesota 2
mn 2
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radio host 2
rair 2
religion 2
shane bugbee 2
steven leyba 2
suffering and celebration of life in america 2
szandora lavey 2
the unabomber 2
wayne kusy 2
A Year At The Wheel 1
A Year at the Wheel, mike diana, steve leyba, shane bugbee, chicago book stores, vibrators and lube, obscenity, visual art, art, walt disney, west memphis three, ron turner, last gasp, unspeakable, the whiskey right, leyba reads from his book, "the war on children", art institute of san francisco. 1
American Way 1
Captain Grant Mitchell 1
affluence 1
america vs. canada, politicians 1
american indian movement 1
amy bugbee, the bugbees 1
anton lavey 1
apathy 1
art 1
art and expression 1
art as a distraction 1
artistic expression 1
best and worst thing about america 1
big lou 1
birthday 1
black panthers 1
blood letting 1
bride of jake 1
bugbees, shane bugbee, creatives, scholars, madmen, individuality, freedom, artistic expression, speech, the soul of faith, American Way, 1
burlesque dancers 1
bus ride 1
calumet city 1
cars 1
chicago 1
chicago podcasters meet-up 1
church of satan 1
classical jazz guitar 1
competition 1
coonass 1
cops 1
craig newmark 1
craigslist 1
creation museum 1
creatives 1
crochet coral reef 1
dave logan 1
deb's doggie day care 1
dennis banks 1
dingo dizmal 1
documentary 1
dog day care 1
drinking 1
ecological crisis 1
eric freeman 1
evolution 1
experimental film 1
eyehategod 1
fire dancing 1
float building 1
florida 1
fred hampton 1
freefest 1
fugazi 1
fun-hole 1
gandhi 1
genesee theater 1
gg allin 1
ghost stories 1
grant mitchell 1
greed 1
gumbo 1
halliburton 1
handicap satanist 1
hoola hoop 1
horse scent receptors 1
horses 1
hot rods 1
humanities festival 1
humanity 1
individuality 1
industrial music 1
industrial musician 1
industrial revolution 1
insurance companies and birth 1
iraq 1
jake the alligator man 1
jesus gas tanks 1
john stowell 1
kernis 1
kernis louviere 1
kkk 1
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long beach peninsula, wa 1
longbeach washington 1
magic mushrooms 1
making rum 1
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martin luther king 1
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Politics, Art, Religion, Revolution By Shane and Amy Bugbee This is the full length experimental film produced from the A Year At The Wheel Project by Shane and Amy Bugbee. It offers a compelling look of a large cross section of the American people from coast to coast during the year leading up to the 2008 election. The film features clips from Craig Newmark founder of Craigslist, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi, Minor Threat and founder of Dischord Records, revolutionary and poet John Sinclair,...
Topics: A Year At The Wheel, bugbees, shane bugbee, creatives, scholars, madmen, individuality, freedom,...
heather, an ex-stripper turned christian minister… she is a nice interview, she is honest, fearless and opinionated. conversation includes: ely, minnesota, being shunned, porn, satan and satanism, death threats due to opinion, shanes mother ripping him off, consequence not being related to god, her personal life, divorce, being a reject and how it produces compassion, doing right and wrong and purpose, a lot of christian speak, creation museum, creation science, armageddon, atheists,...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
Theresa "Darklady" Reed, a sex positive writer and promoter, she shows off a vibrator and gives a brief review, she is very, very smart and focused and honest conversation includes: running for the house of representatives, socialists, libertarians, a lot of political talk, kucinich, voting for pleasure, gun talk, assassination talk, what she does for a living, founding and running the portland masterbatathon, adult film industry, rob zicari obscenity case, blasphemy laws, porn in...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
an interesting moment in the bugbees travels as they ready an r.v. they traded away their original truck for. they have a r.v. warming party at a motel, like a house warming party. these clips start with the motel 6 repair man fixing the door, then, the party starts with lisa the stripper giving odd gifts to the bugbees, mr. nice stops by and offers up great conversation and insight as lisa passes out from the free rum, later lisa wakes up, gets naked, and jumps in the pool… shane and amy...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
artist and filmmaker ryen mcpherson interview, satanic priestess and hoolahoop striper szandora lavey dance and interview the bugbees have interviewed ryen prior, this is a continuation of that interest. this interview is strong, honest, smart and very opinionated… he discusses his bumfights film and the jail time that came along with it and what he does today as far as art and work… this is a great interview. conversation include: mustache, making money off of his personal artwork,...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
A Year At The Wheel
by shane and amy bugbee
The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America By Shane and Amy Bugbee, 2012 This 534 page epic is the culmination of a year's travel and interviews with a rich variety of Americans - Every stop between the Christian right and the liberal left, with anarchists, nihilists, and beyond questioned in more than 40 interviews. The subjects covered in the interviews are Politics, Religion, Art and Revolution, including questions on voting and capitalism. This book is a true slice of life, and a deep...
Topics: shane bugbee, creatives, scholars, individuality, freedom, artistic expression, speech, the soul of...
interview with artist ugly shyla, later seconds of the fuck emos ugly's shylas first appearance in the a year at the wheel project and one of the best interviews and subjects they interviewed, very honest, fearless and strong. conversation include: art, school shooters, religion, occult, voodoo, happiness, cajun culture, southern customs, cajun customs, making dolls as art, art dolls, art vs. craft, person on the street questions answered: why do you do what you do? is art necessary? what is...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
conversation includes: her name's origins, her youth andhistory and how she became the person she is, her marriage to anton lavey's grandson, modern satanism movement she's involved with, what satanism is, satainsts as nice people, the satanic witch, the church of satan shunning her, anton lavey, boyd rice. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL LENGTH MOVIE:...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, szandora lavey, satanic minister, stripper, hoola hoop, topless, burlesque,...
when the bugbees had the opportunity to travel with the gumbo champ to the haliburton bbq, they had to leave cheyenne and a doggie sitter, deb was the one with the greatest word of mouth and no kennel for the great cheyenne… these videos have some really great cheyenne footage. conversation includes: dogs, how she does it, why she does it and cheyennes schedule, the difference between cajun and creole. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK:
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, dog day care, nola, deb's doggie day care, cheyenne
interview with timothy wyllie and steven leyba - Mountainair/Albuquerque, Nm. timothy wyllie was one of the founders of the process church, shane had dug him up years ago for his old radio show, this is an interview that stands on it's own and also helps complete shanes older interviews with wyllie, leyba joins the bugbees on their trip to talk with this occult icon, this is a great conversation for many reason, very honest, very open, a conversation with a group who run in similar circles of...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview with universal life church head, Andre Hensley shane and amy are both ministers in the universal life church so this was equal to a religious experience for atheists. great interview, smart, fun and funny and exact… they sit thru a church service and some of the congregation adds their two cents and are even the subject of much of the service. conversation includes: the history of the church, the rules of the church, the intent behind the church, belief, cults, occult, no more...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
A Year At The Wheel
by shane and amy bugbee
this is a key so you might watch the footage from the a year at the wheel collection ( in a row, in order, by date, making it the worlds longest documentary... clocking in at over 140 hours of footage.  If the footage listed is out of order when sorted by date on the site there will be a couple of stars added ** before the words out of order. we would suggest clicking on the url that is following the title in this key. in order to...
Topics: a year at the wheel, bugbee, shane bugbee, amy bugbee, project a year at the wheel, usaodd,...
**** the sandora lavey conversation continues into may 4th on mistake, sort of… the footage was organized by date and this interview went past midnight, so, technically it happened on the 3rd.*** the following clips conclude the interview with szandora lavey and include a lot of performance clips, szandora doing hole hoop with a surf-rock band… later after the performance you'll hear a deeper and honest interview with szandora where she speaks about her upbringing and being abused at a...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
west memphis three rally in arkansas, ak hosted by the dixie chicks natalie maines interviews of note: joe berlinger and bruce sinofsky of hbo's paradise lost documentary on the west memphis three, later, a fella who was selling t-shirts to raise money for the defense fund talks about how so much money has been raised that lori echoles gave hi back the funds he raised so he could use it for a plane ticket to attend the rally. c.i.a. assassin, j.g. peeler makes his first appearance…...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview with eyehategod's mike IX williams and later artist steve what style this date starts with one of the best conversations of the road trip is this one, featuring mike IX williams, his wife michelle and collin yea one of his band mates from the many musical projects he's been a part of, mike IX and crew conversation includes: art, nihilism and nihilist,, animal rights, religion, skeptics and rational thought, labels and labeling self and art, human rights, britney spears, the...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
this is cool if you have ever wondered how rum is made, interviews with the main distiller, the main salesman and the artist who had the idea to create a rum distillery in NOLA... conversation includes: molasses history, making rum, katrina, the levees breaking, sandbagging, drinking and getting drunk, laws regarding the sale of liquor, history of rum, James Michalopoulos, the greatness of new orleans, pirates and the history of pirates and rum, a lot of rum talk. James Michalopoulos talks art...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, James Michalopoulos, old new orleans rum, new orleans, rum, making rum, mardi...
mara everett, author of the devils knot, a book on the west memphis three and the murders they were convicted of, talks to amy. additional cock of the walk footage was shot and is included here. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
these clips start with a guy from a fried fish place wanting to get a picture with the bugbees just in case they get famous. a long weekend with the creator of death metal and leader of the band possessed jeff becerra. jeff did drugs thruout the time the bugbees were visiting which made the interview really great, jeff is a very smart person with many demons, he is honest and poetic… at times jeff is impossible to understand, at times he is beyond genius… he puts on a live concert of his...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
richard speck death house, jean shepherd hometown tour including his house, the rec. center named after shep as well as the welcome center that use to house a john dillinger exhibit, a lot of sheep on this date… also includes some south side chicago 'b-roll" of urban bridges and buildings, hegewisch and hammond, indiana included, also some man on the street interviews regarding jean shepherd, what is the best and worst thing about america, what is freedom, do you vote. a lot of south...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
A Year At The Wheel
by Amy & Shane Bugbee
odd, early and experimental shorts made on the road but never included in the collection of project a year at the wheel…. some of theses were used as trailers or video ad verist for the main project, made quick to share with friends of small focused groups or artists. we will be adding more to this section in the next couple of months. videos 1-3 is differing versions of an odd pro-abortion display found off of a backroads in mississippi. video 4 thru 10 - a pre-trip videos to show the...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, pro-abortion display, best and worst thing about america, world of world of...
mike diana interview the day before the bugbees are supposed to hit the road, some odd footage of their pre-departure, some cheyenne footage and picking up mike diana from the airport, some odd airport "b-roll", mike talks to shanes mother as she asks questions of mike and shane and mikes day in court on obscenity charges, mike talks about the entire history of his case here and a great deal of the mike diana. mike hunt history, being wanted in florida for owing money on a court fine...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, mike diana, obscenity charges, mike hunt history, florida, free speech,...
more interview w/ filmmaker shane ryan this is a continuation from the may 11th interview with shane ryan, this time it is just shane, in his bedroom talking intimately and honest, very open about his feelings of rage, he talks about what got him started, his intent and his wants for the future. great honest interview. conversation includes: he screens his films and explains them all, being a self taught artist, growing up around his father a porn producer and learning a bit about filmmaking...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
more sabina - we visit the local library as shane helps joe make a book out of some of the stuff from his website. cheyenne is also caught sleeping with one of joes children. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
this day, one of the first days the bugbees filmed starts with a visit to the humanities festival and a lecture from historian and professor william h mcneill, the audio on the lecture isn't the best, but the later interview audio is great - he gives his history and talks about the history of humanity, ecological crisis, evolution, capitalism, technology, overpopulation, problems - responses to problems and the problems that result from our responses, the climate of concern, his son steps out...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, toothpick artist, wayne kusy, crochet coral reef, humanities festival,...
Captain Grant Mitchell interview the bugbees stayed and worked at the surprise valley ranch, grant mitchell ran the ranch and claims to be a horse whisper among anther things… this is a very good interview. conversation includes: horse reading minds and sniffing out criminals, horse scent receptors, why he does what he does, his love for the horse, westerns and cowboy movies, surprise a gang leader would help, art as a distraction, voting and not voting, seeing dark side vs.light, america and...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, horse scent receptors, surprise valley ranch, Captain Grant Mitchell, grant...
the general lee is found in a farm shed and driven, locals answer person on the street questions… out for a walk, the general lee orange shown thru a crack in a farm shed and it turned out it was the general lee and the owner was happy to show it off and discuss it with shane marceline catkins and james frye, local residence of nicholasville, ky answer some of the person on the street questions like: best and worst thing about america? do you vote? is there a difference between religion and...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
A Year At The Wheel
by Amy & Shane Bugbee
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
in the afternoons, caleb schaber in the evening, black metal band averse sefira march 6th, the afternoon starts with caleb schaber, a person that is hard to describe, beyond an artist or journalist, hell, the guy ran for mayor of seattle, a really amazing interview, the only person who had 4 short videos made of his interview for the initial a year at the wheel from the road videos…. every minuet of this interview is important and great. conversation include: iraq, making up a company to gain...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview with ian mackaye this was the day after election day and would mark 366 days on the road for the bugbee's. ian mackaye was a large inspiration for the d.i.y. scene if not the nucleus. mackaye started the band minor threat, fugazi and the record label discord records, when the bugbees chose washington D.C. as the end of their road trip, some assumed it was due to the white house, it was not, it was to talk to one of their largest political inspiration, ian mackaye. conversation...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, ian mackaye, fugazi, washington d.c., voting, apathy, cops, police, protest,...
the bugbees put together an infomercial of being shunned to help info the people they were staying with as to who they are and why they were doing the year long trip they were planning on doing. conversation includes: amy's history, living in calumet city, brutal south side life, religion and being raised atheists, basement parties, some cheyenne footage and a visit to an old park amy use to hang out at and shows off a fire truck in the park her father actually drove, a visit to amys high...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, calumet city, amy bugbee, the bugbees
a lot of "b-roll" of hot rods and cars driving by a motel… decent cars driving by a motel and hot-rods... this footage is from rod run, a hot rod car show on the long beach peninsula. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL LENGTH MOVIE: - The Suffering and Celebration of Life in...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, rod run, long beach washington, hot rods, cars
gumbo champ kernis says good by to the bugbees the morning after his big win. conversation includes: creole vs. cajuns and the use of tomatoes, kernis menu and winning, being the gumbo champ in cajun country, the etiquette of coon ass calling, how to pick a winning cooking team… next they talk to a handicap satanist, not much here… small talk about the bugbees life and times, he answers what's the difference between a cajun, more coonass talk, metal head as a culture, a lot of shane telling...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, gumbo, kernis, kernis louviere, big lou, coonass, handicap satanist, satanism,...
interview with rick and rhi dennison - ojo caliente, Nm rick and rhi hosted the bugbees after finding them on craigslist. an opinionated pagan couple, smart and rational. thought provoking and interesting. conversation include: religion, pagans, paganism, wiccans, druids, aspergers, being ostracized for their beliefs, occult vs. cult, paganism vs. christianity, ricks wizard stick and why, religious freedom, the state of america and it's problems, raising children, sci-fi, sci-fi and the...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
waukeegan - early footage, not the best, dark, not much here in comparison with the rest of the trip. one of the first videos the bugbees shot, not like most of the videos… this starts with a visit to ray bradbury's child hood home, not that well lit maybe that adds some spook appeal to it… next ray bradbury park, next the waukegan library for some ray bradbury research and being kicked out of the library, a person in the library talks about ray and growing up in the same neighborhood, jack...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, ray bradbury, waukeegan, waukeegan illinois, library, genesee theater, ghost...
this is the day the bugbees are supposed to hit the road for a year, the footage includes the kick off party and making art with mike before the kick off party. footage of the bugbees making birthday cards for shanes grandmother with mike diana and shanes mother, they talk about life in general, nonsense and art… some candid talk too. some great "b-roll" footage of mike diana drawing a picture. next stop, the venue for the bugbees kick off party… sid yiddish gives the bugbees...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, gg allin, eric freeman, blood letting, steven leyba, shofar, freefest, mike...
weed guru and nice guy, dr. nice shows us around his place, brief conversation conversation includes: dr. nice book advice, hitler, evolution, darwin, creation science, religion vs.spirituality, religion and control. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL LENGTH MOVIE: - The Suffering and...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
white panther and poet john sinclair interview the bugbees met mr. sinclair and his daughter at a coffee shop the day the left to film the halliburton BBQ conversation includes: politics, art, revolution, the mc5, marijuana, america, the state of affairs in america, voting, the hippies, yippies, john lennon, war, lsd, l.s.d., acid, the planning of the democratic convention, carl roves head on a pike, revolution isn't making a movie or art, doing what you want, che guevara, abby hoffman, person...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview w/ filmmaker shane ryan and interview w/ homeless guy shane ryan is a great interview, full of aggressive answers, opinionated, strong, bold and honest. his films are as well. a very creative and imaganitve artist… he takes the bugbees' for a tour of lompoc, california, his home town, including a stop off to be interviewed by a gal who interviews for a public access station, they also visit one of the stars of his films. conversation includes: an interview with the bugbees, they...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
mike diana, steve leyba, shane bugbee book signing at quimby's queer store in chicago gigi deluxe also makes an appearance. this footage includes the night shane, amy and mike diana get home from the kick off party and smoke a joint in shanes mothers basement bathroom… the next day shane, amy and mike diana meet up with steven leyba for a book signing and a reading and question and answer presentation… conversation includes: chicago book stores, the soda pop shane and amy produced, amy's...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel, mike diana, steve leyba, shane bugbee, chicago book stores, vibrators and...
interview with annette larue conversation includes: tattoos, sleeping thru tattoos, fleur de lis, old school tattoo culture, biker culture, not letting your cunt get in the way, piercing, face tattoos, the taboo of tattoos and how taboos draw you in, racial tattoos and chocolate city and how you better not enter with a rebel flag, guy aitchison, brandon bond, the tattooist side of the tattoo and how customers depress them, t.v. tattoo shows and how they have destroyed tattoo culture, art,...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview with hammond, indiana librarian, richard lytle and the environment with hammond environmental education conversation includes: hammond indiana, a circus train wreck, mainly author and raconteur jean shepherd, the environment with hammond environmental education center the interview subject is also asked the person on the street questions: what are you thankful for, more "b-roll" from the hammond, indiana area. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION?...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
artist tim smith shows off his studio, catches a stray bird in his bedroom and we talk fredricktown, art, screen printing, promoting punk and rock shows in a small town carol magnus takes shane & amy on a tour of fredericktown, missouri and talks historic preservation, rebel flag, historic truths, old abe the war eagle, civil war history. person on the street questions asked of some of the residence of fredericktown... the base questions for the rest of the trip start to form here,...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
continuing our visit with peaches the artist more hanging out with peaches the artist and his jim jones obsessed artist pal and even a visit to the peoples temple memorial a bit of the bugbees stay, some myrtle the turtle… we smoke weed and talk jim jones as the artists shows off her jim jones art, some "b-roll" from the streets of L.A. conversations includes: jim jones, art, the peoples temple, the intent behind the jim jones art work, rating cult leaders, most people want the...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
stuck in sabina. talking murder and children flipping the bird to the camera. interview with joe hills regarding murder, serial killers and america in general… we visit a graveyard and joe tells us the history of eugene the dead black guy, a guy the town had on display for some 35 years… joe mentions andy kahn and the laws andy tries to push forward… joe's son is interviewed again and he even flips the camera off, joe hills entire family is interviewed… on this day joe and his grand...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
gene hoglan is a heavy metal god and was gracious enough to invite the bugbees to a dethklok concert in portland, this is a decent interview where gene admits to opening up and answering questions he's never been asked… he is honest, strong and smart. conversation includes: dethklok, brendon smalls, rock and roll excess, hugh hefner, heavy metal as a culture, thrash metal, being persecuted for loving heavy metal, back in the day when heavy metal was rare, cock rock and hair bands, doing what...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
more of south side chicago, the hotel florence and pullman neighborhood, the neighbors of fred hampton speak for the first time, a really great interview. sid yidish. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
new orleans mask makers preparation for one of the many mardi gras parade… some great mardi gras mask "b-roll" and mardi gras bead throwing b-roll… throwing beads off of the balcony in the french quarter. some of the mask/parade artists talk, one of the artists is steve "what style" williams who was interviewed later in the trips NOLA dates. conversation includes: mardi gras, drinking, mask making, float building. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK:...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, mask makers, steve "what style" williams, mardi gras parade, mardi...
today the bugbees say good by to ugly shyla and visit dimebag darrell's grave, they pour some old new orleans rum on the grave. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL LENGTH MOVIE: - The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE MOVIE KEY TO ARCHIVE:...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
classical jazz guitar john stowell a bit of a performance classical jazz guitar john stowell did at the sou'wester, looks like one of the benefits of living at a lodge… john is very, very good at what he does. he has a singer join him for a couple of numbers. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL LENGTH MOVIE:...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, john stowell, classical jazz guitar, sou'wester, longbeach washington
pt.2 horror convention with ugly shyla, interview with michael graves from the misfits interviews include michael graves from the misfits day two at the horror convention, some footage of hot gals getting made up and bloody, michael graves from the misfits talks about his involvement in the west memphis three case, danzig and the misfits, person on the street questions answered by michael graves: what is art? is there such thing as too much free speech? do you vote? what is art? amy accosts...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
mardi gras in the french quarter, in the middle of the day including some flame throwing from a scantily clad young lady… there is some footage of a rock concert from later that eve from the band the suplecs. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
to call dave archer a star trek and tesla coil artist is below him, he is a total artist, 100% creative, everything he does is art, a true master - it is too bad more do not know about his wide creative output, song writer, sculpter, painter, author, philosopher, dave is an incredible man… in this footage dave reads from his writings - he also shows the bugbees around his museum and the town he lives in as they take his dog scruffy and cheyenne for a walk… dave also performs on his monkee...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
brandon d and his wife tiffany host the bugbees in hiram, ga. - they visit an artshow where brandon and tiffany have art hanging. a lot of gallery and art "b-roll" conversation includes: artwork, rap music, veterans, welfare, manowar and heavy metal, person on the street question answered: best and worst thing about america. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK??...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
this was the first jake the alligator-man b-day celebrations, jake is half man and half alligator and is the biggest attraction the long beach peninsula has. cake was handed out and later a really great burlesque show was presented… some "b-roll" inside of marshes, the shop that houses oddities like jake the alligator man, also "b-roll" of an odd musical performance, very beach… the cam was left on and caught the bugbees talking about moving to the beach vs. moving to a...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, burlesque dancers, fun-hole, bride of jake, olive rootbeer, dingo dizmal,...
odd cemetery and church abortion display "b-roll" from the backroads of mississippi on the way to new orleans. some great cheyenne footage at out host in nola's apt. - out host keep trying to get her cat to be friendly with cheyenne. later we go out for night time mardi gras in the street and at a park… some fire dancing and all you'd expect from mardi gras. décent mardi gras b-roll. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, cheyenne, mardi gras, fire dancing
waco visit, brief conversation with survivor, the bugbee's interviewed for podcast a visit to waco and the branch davidian compound that was burned down, later the bugbees's meet their dallas texas host rodrigo and kalisa neely. in the morning they visit waco and enter the branch davidian compound you'll hear something about lost footage, might explain the anger in shanes voice… footage includes the branch davidian compound in transition with monumental stones cut out of their original...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
a noise music fest, fats dominos home and the jazz district some great noise music and hanging out with pat jolly… this represents a regular day in new orleans for a person from new orleans. decent "b-roll" of the ninth ward in NOLA, including the outside of fats dominos home. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
o.t.o. leader interviewed about crowley and religion erroneous o'shaughnessy interviewed at work and at home the bugbees host erroneous o'shaughnessy is visited at his day gig as a matterss sales person, later he is interviewed at his home regarding austin's music culture and sxsw fest. conversation include: milan's drunken night and arrest, anti-sxsw shows. later that evening the bugbee's talk to bishop tau marie regarding the religious organization O.T.O. conversation include: religion vs....
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
a brush with a security guard for the church of scientology after parking for a business meeting. the rest of the footage is a heavy metal concert the bugbees stumbled upon after eating to at the restaurant attached to the place while visiting vic vacuum herrera. great heavy metal footage, not sure the name of the opening band, but they are for sure heavy. great "moshing" or pit dancing… when municipal waste starts their show the circle/pit/mosh dancing is huge, you'll see the...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
louisville, ky has a lot packed into this date, person on the street questions, a visit to the colonel, colonel sanders of course and his grave stone and pizza making interviews include the founder of the lebowski fest, etta rae hirsch the lady running the cemetery colonel sanders is buried at and a lot of folks the bugbees were looking to trade publicity for basic needs… and pizza. questions for the person on the street: why do you love louisville? WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION?...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
gospel brunch and interview with artist steve what style the morning of this date offered up a decent gospel performance, new orleans church style, a tribute to mahalia jackson from a lady who grew up around mahalia jackson. the afternoon shane interviews NOLA artist and houma nation activist steve what style. conversation includes: houma nation not being recognized by the government, the superdome being on a houma nation burial ground as well as angola state prison being on sacred indian...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
distiller from four roses bourbon, christian minister/ life coach, pig farmer and water sales person speak. conversations include… whisky rebelión, what bourbon is, faith, god, religion, prince, bob dylan, atheists talking to christians and vice versa, charlotte web and naming your food, butchering pics, nicholasville, ky. tour and historic info. person on the street questions asked: best and worst thing about america? is there too much free speech? nicholasville, ky. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
lonnie with his roommate make weed brownies, lonnie is an medical marijuana activist and person who has helped bring medical marijuana to legit patients for a long time. great joint rolling "b-roll" and weed preparation… later lonnie picks up his acoustic guitar, plays and sings. a lot of guy in kitchen stirring "b-roll" conversation includes: hemp, hemp and marijuana laws and why hemp and marijuana should be legalized, why he does what he does, pharmaceutical companies...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
more hanging out and interview with godfather of death metal jeff becerra this is day two of three days where the bugbees hang out and trying to get an interview out of a very high jeff becerra… shane was up with jeff for three days straight with jeff this is the morning and jeff serenades the bugbees with his acoustic guitar and some of his favorite songs…. jeff even performs a song from his death metal band possessed. he tells stories in between… towards the end of this footage, jeff...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
johnny's po-boys and custom muffler from time to time the bugbees would need to eat, they would pitch doing a video for a business in return for food, this date is a great example of this as they hustle a tune-up and break job from custom muffler and sandwiches from johnny's po-boys. everyone was super honest in these interviews, great advice. the morning was spent with the custom muffler crew. a lot of great automotive repair "b-roll". conversation includes: car maintenance, road...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
the first semi in depth interview the bugbees did was with industrial musician and label owner, martin atkins… the early footage, all of it shows the bugbees finding their way and more importantly, their style and interview backbone. conversation includes: the west memphis three, the best and worst thing about america, why he moved to america, what is success, art, freedom, the bugbees recount their tale of being run out of town, martin sort of interviews the bugbee's, wishes them well and...
Topics: A Year at the Wheel, martin atkins, pigface, industrial musician, industrial music, west memphis...
satat tells stories in ugly shylas horror con hotel room. this gal is so smart and amazing, really experiences life, she's open and honest and tells a crazy story or two thru-out her time with the bugbees time together. conversation include: nazi skinheads on crack who beat her to a pulp, a pesons eye getting stabbed out, being pulled over with a pound of marijuana. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
shanes uncle donnie is visited as he readies a car parked on his front lawn for removal, they discus life and fines. donnie shows how to put a car on blocks in your yard. the couple also stop off at the site of the last hanging ( charlie birger ) in the state of illinois cell at the franklin county historical preservation society, they also have a john malkovich section including john malkovich stories… why? because the malkovich family is from the benton, il.. area, civil war history is once...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
plunderathon a pirate drinking thing a ton of drunken pirate footage and a bit of a scientology protest too. this is a yearly event in portland that revolves around drinking and fun and more drinking. very little conversation, a cool shot of a reflection of shane in a minnow talking about the road trip he and amy are on… the bugbees share the rum they brought from NOLA and the pirates seen to love it… they sell raffle tickets for bottles of rum and to earn gas money, th bugbees met many...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
pt.1 halliburton BBQ and gumbo champion kernis louviere gumbo champ of the world, kernis louviere hosts the bugbee's for a weekend and surpassed them by driving to texas for the halliburton bbq "cook-off" where halliburton invites the companies they work with to compete. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
horror convention with ugly shyla, interviews with misfits singer michael graves, supporters and much more. the horror con days have a lot of interesting material… a lot of great interviews and the continuation of our ugly shyla interview. a lot of horror convention "b-roll" we start with a short q&a with some west memphis three supporters who are raising funds for, next lyle blackburn from ghoultown, shane has a run-inn with a fan of his older work, a lot of...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
john g. peeler, the c.i.a. assassin who appeared at the wm3 rally talks about assassination plots, murder and how he got away with it, meeting mcveigh and framing folks for crimes they didn't commit… including tony alma, convicted cult leader. john mark byres, father of west memphis victim Christopher Byers and major character in the west memphis three case talks open and honest to the bugbees, so much so that the bugbees were the first to post up the news regarding Terry Hobbs being the main...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
erroneous o'shaughnessy drunkenly dances, sings and plays with nipples as he does it, fun ensues. this footage i classic austin punk rock and, what might look odd to most happens every day in austin. erroneous o'shaughnessy hosted the bugbees for a couple of weeks, he was open and honest and this video is that expression. The A Year At The Wheel BOOK: Suffering and Celebration of Life in America THE BOOK The A Year At The Wheel FULL...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
a cat licking the crotch area of a teddy bear!!! this will end up being the most popular of all the footage uploaded from project a year at the wheel. in this clip the host chose this special talent to show the bugbee's. WANT TO HELP WITH THIS COLLECTION? LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WANT TO GIVE BACK?? VISIT OUR PATReON PAGE:
Topic: A Year at the Wheel
interview with artist joel peter witkin conversation include: his catholicism, parents, how our trip is funded, the wrath of george bush, the american problem with solutions or at least suggestions, art, love, life, his artistic process, this ethnic make up, his father, imagination, a lot of art talk, n.e.a., funding of the arts, freedom, society, passion. some "b-roll" of the outside of his place. person on the street questions answered: what is the best and worst thing about...
Topic: A Year at the Wheel